About Me

Hi, I’m Steve! A software developer and IT system operand engineer. Also as a hobby domainer I’m really into to dns technology.

About root-servers.cloud

Can I run a mirror or a copy of root dns server?

A lot people have been wondering how root servers works, and whether they could run their own mirror root dns server. The simple answer YES!

It’s not difficult if you just want to run a root server mirror as an unofficial /private copy of the root server on your own whether on your LAN or on the Internet. Why people want to run an unofficial mirror of the root dns servers? It may be for safety, dns resolving speed optimization, educational and amusement.

root-servers.cloud offer you everything you need to run an unofficial/private root dns server mirror even on your LAN or just on your own computer.

What about running a real/official root server?

You cannot run an real/official root dns server. Due to UDP protocol limitation, it will only be 13 groups of root dns servers. But you can apply to any of the existing root server group administration organization for running a public mirror if you meet their requirement and they allow you to do so. I will write on these topics in the future.

What domains do I have as a domainer?

Anyone interested in these domain is welcome to inquire me. Later I will provide the contact info.

Just part of my stock for holding this place, to be continued…